Dear Sir,
The letters in last week’s Newton News appear to herald the advent of a new political party that has sprung up from the wreckage of Labour/Momentum; ‘The Name and Address Supplied Party’. It has broad aims; everything from opposing higher taxation (when imposed by others) to dog dirt!
But, the main aim appears to be to dissociate Labour/Momentum from criticism of the new Joint Administration for continuing with Labour/ Momentum’s, own, time honoured policy of high taxes!
The new Joint Administration needs, and deserve, time to rectify the effects of tens of years of local government maladministration under the political control of Labour, and latterly, Labour/ Momentum. For Example:
• £3.4M of taxpayer’s money ‘lost’ to fund
Durham Cricket Club.
• The scattering and archiving of the DLI
Museum exhibits.
• Allowing an adequate and accessible DLI
Museum to fall into disrepair.
• The ‘White Elephant’ new DCC
Headquarters in the centre of Durham.
Of course, they also have to oppose Universal Credit (and the temporary Covid £20 p/w uplift).
It is an accepted fact that, if Universal Credit had not been in place when the Covid pandemic started, then the Government would not have been able to fund the poorest in society in time for lockdown. Also, Universal Credit has been instrumental in getting the long term unemployed into work. It may be much opposed, but it works! Why should local taxpayers give an extra £20.00 a week (to spend locally) when they could spend it locally themselves?
Could it be, ‘The Name and Address Supplied’ party is a radical, left-wing, tax-and-spend party, just like Labour/ Momentum? However, I can agree with their stance on dog dirt.
Yours Sincerely,
Alastair P.G. Welsh