This map of the defibrillator locations in Newton Aycliffe was last updated July 2023.
The map will be updated as and when new locations are provided, with the permission of the building user.

Defibrillator Locations
1 Woodham Village Community Centre DL5 4UE
2 Woodham Golf Club DL5 4PN
3 Tesco DL5 4DH
4 Aycliffe Dental Practice DL5 4NW
5 Newton Aycliffe Leisure Centre DL5 4EH
6 St Clare’s Church DL5 5NT
7 Bewick Crescent Surgery DL5 5LH
8 Pease Way Surgery DL5 5NH
9 Moore Lane Sports Club DL5 5AG
10 Simpasture Care Home DL5 5JZ
11 Newton Aycliffe Town Council Offices DL5 6QF
12 OakLeaf Sports Complex DL5 6QZ
13 Greenfield College Arts & Football Pitch DL5 7LF
14 Greenfield Convenience Store DL5 7EX
15 Bay Horse Public House, Middridge DL5 7JD
16 Jubilee Medical Group, Cobblers Hall Surgery DL5 4SE
17 Pioneering Care Centre (PCP) DL5 4SF
18 Heighington AFC DL5 6PH
19 Neville Parade Community Centre DL5 5DH
20 The Navy Club DL5 7PW
21 Woodham Burn Primary School DL5 4EX
22 Woodham Academy DL5 4AX
23 The Big Club DL5 5NU
24 Vane Road Primary School DL5 5RH
25 OakLeaf Sports Pitch DL5 6QF
26 School Aycliffe Community Centre DL5 6QF
27 Aycliffe Village Community Centre DL5 6LG
28 St. Mary’s RC Church DL5 4HT
29 75 Washington Crescent DL5 4BE
30 Oswald House DL5 4BQ
31 Heighington Village Hall (Toilet Block) DL5 6PE
32 Sydney House (The Hall – Unit 7) DL5 6DX
33 Silverdale House DL5 7DZ
34 Town Centre DL5 4DS
35 Newton Aycliffe Youth & Community Centre DL5 4HT
36 1 Foxton Close DL5 4RG
37 AEL Systems, Innovation House, Leaside DL5 6DE
38 ROF59 Activity Centre DL5 6XN
39 27 Hawthorn Drive, School Aycliffe DL5 6GH
40 Cobblers Hall Pub DL5 4SE
41 Hope House DL5 7ER
42 Railway Station DL5 6QZ
43 CrossFit All Out Gym DL5 6EJ
44 Siesta Coffee DL5 6SQ
45 Sabre Rail DL5 6SH
46 Ramsay Garage DL5 6DX
47 Police Station / Fire Station DL5 5QH
48 Sugar Hill School, Sheraton Road DL5 5NH
49 8 Hurworth Road, Aycliffe Business Park DL5 6UD

Red hearts show the location of defibrillators available 24 hours. Contact emergency services for release code. Red circles indicate 500 metre radius for 999 only emergency call out.
Blue hearts show the location of defibrillators which are only available during opening hours.