To maintain a fair and respectful discourse within the Newton News, letter authors should adhere to specific guidelines regarding the content we publish for the forthcoming elections.
1 – No Criticism of Opponents: We will not accept or publish letters or statements that criticise or disparage other politicians or political parties.
2 – Focus on Own Manifesto: Candidates are welcome to submit statements, but these must strictly adhere to discussing and promoting their own manifesto and policies. Statements should be constructive and focus on the candidate’s vision, plans and proposals without referencing the opposition.
3 – Content Quality: Submissions should be clear, concise and free from inflammatory language. We encourage candidates to highlight their key policies, explain the benefits of their plans, and how they intend to implement them with a word limit of 300.
4 – Verification: All statements will be reviewed for adherence to these guidelines before publication. Candidates should ensure that their submissions are accurate and truthful.
5 – Respectful Discourse: We are committed to fostering a respectful and informative political discussion. By focusing on what each candidate brings to the table, we aim to provide our readers with valuable insights into the choices available to them.
6 – Submission Process: Candidates can submit their statements via email to: – Please include your full name, the position you are running for, and contact information for verification purposes.
Thank you for helping us maintain a positive and informative political dialogue.
We look forward to publishing thoughtful and policy-focused statements from candidates. Editors decision is final and no further correspondence will be entered into.