Successful G.A.R.A. Petition

Dear Sir,

As Vice Chair of Great Aycliffe Residents Association (G.A.R.A.) and a West Ward Town Councillor it has been my honour and privilege to be able to walk around the Williamfied Way area listening to the concerns of residents regarding the proposed regeneration scheme proposed by livin.

A very large majority of those residents questioned appear to oppose the proposed scheme citing their reasons as: Security of Tenure, Community Spirit, Upheaval and Financial Loss.

Many people talked about Community Spirit amongst neighbours who look after each other, others talked about owning their own homes and a wish to be left alone to enjoy/ improve and perhaps pass on that home to offspring.

It is a basic human instinct to better oneself and home ownership can be a way to do so.. Lots of residents talked about having lived on the estate for many years, making friends and forming relationships with others.

Livin officers are visiting residents passing on information but seem to be evading some queries which is adding to the distress caused to residents of all ages but particularly the elderly and infirm.

We have asked ourselves how long this has been in the planning, and who knew about it at County Council Level and why have our County Councillors been silent on this issue for so long?

As Councillors Arun Chandran and myself consider ourselves servants of the people as opposed to imposing our will on the public. We have been particularly pleased with the reaction of residents offering cold drinks on a very hot weekend as we trudged the streets.

Everyone we visit has received our calling cards with the hope that they will contact us with their views.

Cllr Ken Robson, West Ward

01325 321471