Dear Sir,
I am not a resident of Newton Aycliffe, however, I do come here quite regularly. I was reading a recent copy of the Newton News and was interested in the article by MP Paul Howell, especially the section about what he is doing to resolve Hitachi’s problems.
On the face of it, it would seem quite a lot, but having achieved little or nothing. He states the opposition could solve it with a stroke of the pen. We all know that no political party couldn’t or wouldn’t do that. What intrigues me is the explanation that he gave, that it wasn’t done because it can’t be. So far so good.
Then he goes on with more legal gobblydegook, but offers no explanations.
My own guess is that any work offered by the government would have to be put out to tender under the old EU rules, which we still seem to be part of!
If Hitachi was offered a contract, then it would have to go through the due diligence process to see if it is a fit and proper firm to complete the contract. This is what is happening to Rolls Royce with their mini nuclear reactors.
I really hope that I am wrong on all counts, but time will tell.
R.C. Crook.