Dear Sir,
The application is for an incineration plant at Merchant Park, Heighington Lane. If approved, the plant will treat clinical and hazardous waste. Although the technology to be used provides for the capture of carbon emissions arising from the process, the applicant acknowledges that toxic emissions will end up in the environment and local people are very concerned about the incinerator being sited so close to farms, housing, businesses and schools. Hundreds have now lodged objections against it.
Quite naturally, some objectors wish to address their concerns directly to Councillors at the Durham County Council Planning Committee meeting. However, our understanding is that DCC only allow 5, possibly 10, minutes for objectors to do this. That is 5-10 minutes in total, and not for each objector. We understand that the Planning Committee Chair has discretion to extend the time allowed, and we call upon him to do so. There was very little consultation relating to this application – very few householders were notified. It seems fair and just, therefore, that DCC now remedy that shortcoming and allow time for objectors to address the Committee in a meaningful way.
Yours faithfully
Eileen Brewis