It’s been an eventful time, I have managed to release some to safe, support fed gardens, Willow, Keira, Summer and Lucky, Lilly has gone to Durham, these are places that they can adapt to being wild again, they all came in as very small babies, they will be supported fully. I have more releases but the weather is against them at the moment, I also have some here that still need to finish treatment.
Here is an example of what not to do if you see a hedgehog out in the day! Do not watch him or her for 48 hours plus, then contact a rescue. This happened to me last Monday, I received a call at midday from a Darlington lady who said she had seen a hedgehog, when I questioned her further she said her first sighting was Saturday. I asked her to bring the young hog in, supplied my address, she arrived three hours later. This poor little soul spent two hours here before passing away. This is unacceptable behaviour. I need people to know that whilst they look ok to the naked eye, there is a time bomb ticking inside them, when they need help they come out in the open so they can be picked up to get that help from rescuers. Had I admitted her the same day she saw her, she would have stood a chance.
A big thank you to all of you who have made donations, you have kept these beautiful creatures fed, warm and with the medical attention they need to grow and get that second chance in the wild, as a rehabilitator who has put massive amounts of work into these hedgehogs, if I feel the release sight isn’t suitable I have some wonderful places to let them free. You, as finders, will be informed, of course. We all need to protect them and give them a safe and happy future.
This rescue works with Grange Vets, if you are unable to reach me, they will admit a hog for you without any cost implications, Angela and her team are excellent at what they do.
I would like you to meet my smallest hedgehog, she came in as a baby last year, she is called Autumn, she is very nice natured and no problem at all.
Here is some useful information for you: The British Hedgehog Preservation Society telephone number is 01584 890801. My Facebook page is: Prickly Haven Hedgehog Hotel. My email is: (not to be used for emergency admissions for hogs) or Hedgehog Street App.