Crafter’s Companion is welcoming a new Non-Executive Director to its board. Jim Butler has 30’ years’ experience in business and management. Prior to his consultancy role for Crafter’s Companion, Jim worked for Games Workshop, joining the company through a management trainee scheme in 1990. Throughout his time at the business, Jim managed various departments including product development, leadership development and global e-commerce, which had annual sales of more than £50 million.

In his new role at Crafter’s Companion, Jim hopes to support the craft retailer through the challenges of growth, helping the company to expand and exist in new markets, while maintaining its dedication to the customer. He will also share his recent experience in ecommerce with the team, exploring which approaches drive the most value.

Jim, who lives in Nottingham with his wife and three children, said: “A non-exec role presents a fantastic opportunity to share my knowledge and experience, and my passion for niche businesses, with this amazing company.

“Apart from the fantastic people, who I’m very excited about working with, Crafter’s Companion has the drive to surprise and delight its customers. There’s a strong sense of creativity and innovation running through the company, and I’d love to help harness these ideas.

“I get satisfaction from helping people achieve more, and I can see plenty of opportunity to help the people in Crafter’s Companion deliver success now and in the future. The potential for this company and its products is enormous. The idea of helping to unlock that potential is very exciting.”

Sara Davies, Founder and Creative Director at Crafter’s Companion, said “We’re very excited to have Jim on board. He was a crucial part of Games Workshop’s phenomenal success and we are thrilled that he is able to share his wealth of experience and ideas with the company.”