On Saturday 31st August, 24 athletes from Crossfit All Out, travelled to Gateshead International Stadium to compete in the Glacier Games Team Series.

This competition was same sex teams of 3, which included several different categories to compete in. All teams who had landed a spot at this competition had to participate in three qualifying workouts beforehand in order to make it to the finals. With three workouts to complete on the day, including a partner deadlift and max power output workout, an amrap (as many rounds/reps as possible) consisting of rowing, rope climbs and sandbag over the shoulder, and a final workout including a bike erg, thrusters and bar muscle ups, the results were as follows:

RX Category (female):

• Team No Half Reps Here – Becky Auton, Carol Mohan & Vicki Finn Smith – 1st place overall with a best finish of 1st in wod 2 & 3.

• Team So Sorry Crew – Bex Shaw, Claire Dale & Courtnie Mills – 4th place overall with a best finish of 3rd in wod 1b and wod 2.

RX Category (male):

• Team Brains, Brawn & Brexit – Chris Knight, Colin Wooster & Paul Hilder – 15th place overall with a best finish of 8th in wod 1a.

• Team Bromosapians – Chris McGeevor, Denis Thompson & Phil Brown – 17th place overall with a best finish of 7th in wod 1a.

• Team Black Beetlejuice – Frazer Macintosh, Michael Couch & Tom Johnson – 18th place overall with a best finish of 6th in wod 1a.

Scaled 1 Category (male):

• Team Crossfit Friends – Alex Armstrong, Josh Burlison & Stewart Smith – 19th place overall with a best finish of 11th in wod 1b.

• Team Sandbaggers – Adam Innes, Leigh Walton & Phil McAlpine – 28th position overall with a best finish of 22nd in wod 1b and wod 3.

Scaled 2 Category (male):

• Team All Out TDI – Dave Cooke, Ian Tutty & Troy Hemmings – 3rd position overall with a best finish of 1st in wod 1a.

Troy Hemmings said “we had an absolutely awesome day yesterday competing with the Crossfit All Out family, it’s amazing how people come together from all different backgrounds and walks of life to support and encourage you on. Big shout out to my team mates Ian and Dave, we worked fantastic together and finished in 3rd place in our category!”

Head coach Terry Anderson said, “we have such a wide range of athletes taking part in competitions now and it’s great to see the support for each other, no matter the goal or placings. These comps really do bring the community together and we are really pleased to see so much hard work in and outside of the box, with a great attitude alongside it! To have 2 teams achieve 1st and 3rd place in their categories was such an achievement, so congratulations to those athletes as well as everyone else who took part and pushed themselves out of their comfort zone.”

Main Photo: First Place Team Carol Mahon, Becky Auton & Vicki Finn-Smith

Courtine Mills, Clare Dale & Bex Shaw

Third Place Team Dave Cooke, Troy Hemmings & Ian Tutty