Hi everyone, it has been an eventful week here at Prickly Haven, but first we would like to take the opportunity to thank a very kind man/ex-postman who safely delivered six hoglets with mum to Joan and Dave’s house after he intervened a potentially fatal attack on this beautiful little family. It is important to know that these babies need to be left with mum, without intrusion, for the first two weeks of life otherwise mum will kill and eat her own hoglets.

Thank you to Alison and John, our friends and neighbours, for the donation of beautiful toys to sell on our car boot sale this weekend. Wendy, for her visit to see our latest arrival Millie, she arrived on Monday, found wobbling in a back garden in Darlington. She is very small but doing OK, she has settled very well after being kept warm and quiet.

More positive news is that Scruffy, who came in with injuries to his face and back, is fully recovered and was released into Tara’s very hog friendly garden with other Prickly Haven Survivors, he is very happy there with Scooby and Co.

Over the last few weeks we have been investing in equipment so that we can deal with different types of emergencies, we now have a nebuliser for hedgehogs with breathing issues, just in case the vet isn’t available. We have fifteen in rescue at the moment and they are all doing well I am glad to announce.

Don’t forget, if you see a hedgehog out during the day please contact the British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890801 or if it’s more urgent a vet who will help you, without incurring a charge, who will assess and pass on to a rehabber for follow up care and release back into the wild. Please remember hedgehogs are nocturnal and shouldn’t be out during the day sunbathing!

Thank you. Maxine, Joan and Viv