Dear Sir,
In response to the article regarding the newly proposed housing in Eldon Whyns by Keepmoat,
It has been stated that the Woodlands project, off Cobblers Hall Road had now been completed.
While in fact building has been completed, we are still awaiting roads and footpaths to be completed and in some cases residents have lived in their homes nearly 5 years.
I would also like to point out that the green areas around the housing, especially on Cobblers Hall Road, are left with infrequent cutting of the grass and very deep holes have been left, where flag poles were erected and not filled afterwards.
Whilst sales were taking place everywhere was kept in pristine condition, but as soon as the building work was completed, and they had left the site, it has become an eyesore!!
Mrs Lynn Downes
A spokesperson for Keepmoat Homes said:
“The build phase of our Woodlands development has been completed, however we are aware that the roads and paths around the development are still to be finalised, a process referred to as ‘topping off’. This process takes place after an inspection by the local council which is conducted 12 months after the development build is complete. This is to allow for settlement to take place and ensures that we, the developer, repair any damaged paths or roads before we finally ‘top off’ and fully complete the site.
“We apologise for any inconvenience this process causes and are currently liaising with the council to conduct the final inspection, which we hope to have completed soon, enabling final repairs to roads and footpaths around the development to be made before we complete them.
“Finally we appreciate your readers comment with regards to the green areas around the housing and the deep holes which have been left by flag poles and we will be looking into this further and address any problems.”