Dear Sir,

My name is Fiona Neal and I recently experienced a black out as I was leaving Tesco on 21st November.

I’d just like the people in Newton Aycliffe to know that if they take poorly in Tesco’s, they’d be well looked after.

I can’t thank the staff enough for the great care and kindness I received. I remember coming round to people talking to me and telling I was in good hands. As soon as they managed to stop the bleeding they would try and sit me up and got a wheelchair to take me inside. I remember a man called Ken, who I found out was a manager, the first lady I can’t remember her name and other female staff came to my aid along with a nurse and my friend Vi, who was a nurse.

They were all lovely and so helpful. My friend Vi hadn’t realised it was me with my face covered in blood and blue roll.

She took me to A&E at Darlington Memorial in her car even though the Tesco staff wanted to call an ambulance. I declined the ambulance as I know how short staffed and busy they are.

The receptionist called for a nurse straight away after I was given a vomit bowl as I was feeling sickly and my face was a right mess.

All the staff that came to look after me were also first class and I received the best care and I think that praise and thanks should always be given when due.

Thank you to everyone involved with my care.

Best wishes

Fiona Neal