Dear Sir,
The Xmas Lights switch on in Aycliffe needs to be a lot better organised if it is going to be a yearly event. There needs to be some sort of security/police presence as I had a run in with three different teenage “mouthy wannabees” who thought pushing little children out of the way and swearing was the “big” thing to do in front of friends.
My 6yr old child hates crowds so it took a lot for her to even stand there to watch the acts. Having teenagers swearing at her and pushing her out the way is not what I want at a public event and it took a lot for me not to strangle the little devils.
I am disgusted that at such a big and first time event in our town not enough thought had been given to safeety. As a parent I would like to know what will be done for future events to prevent teenagers ruining other people’s enjoyment.
EM Russell