Year 3 at St. Mary’s primary in Newton Aycliffe went to Tesco last Wednesday, 26th September. A kind man called Richard Pace welcomed us at the door. Tesco have been very kind to our class, as they have officially stopped doing their school visits, but they kindly agreed to let our class visit. We wanted to investigate the different countries that the foods that we eat come from.

Firstly we went to the training room where we all got an apron and a clipboard to start our investigations.

Our investigations started at the Fruit and Vegetable aisle, where we had to record what colour the fruit or vegetable was and the country it came from. E.g. Watermelons came from Brazil.

Then we visited the fish counter, it smelt very strange! We found out the countries where all the different fish came from, which was interesting.

The next place we visited was the cheese section of the fridges. We learnt that a lot of the cheeses in Tesco come from France. Richard named some of the more common ones such as Brie and Camembert. We recorded the names of some of these on our record sheets. We also had Angela, who was part of the Tesco welcome team, who came to help us investigate packaging in the different dried foods and world food aisles, which was great. For the rest of our visit we worked on small groups to investigate the different countries that foods came from, which we found very interesting.

We all had a great afternoon and we did not realise that the food we eat came from so many different places. When we go shopping to Tesco in the future we will be taking more notice of what information is on a food label!

Here are some pupil comments: “Richard was great, and I hope to visit Tesco again.”

A big thank you goes to Richard and Angela and to our local Tesco Store for supporting us in our Topic work learning where food comes from.

Written by year 3 pupils at St. Mary’s Primary.