On Saturday 26th January an amazing group of individuals volunteered their time to raise awareness and fundraise for the ‘Dive In’, Hydrotherapy refurbishment campaign. Walking up to 4 miles, along a route through part of the Aycliffe Way the group, which included a number of 4 legged friends, raised £236.59!
Simon Peacock, an ambassador for the ‘Dive In’ campaign opened the event by explaining the benefits he has experienced from using the pool to rehabilitate from a recent stroke. Simon said “the pool has helped me massively, it enables me to complete physical therapy, supporting me to regain mobility and strength in my arm and leg. I was always a keen swimmer and being able to use the pool really helps me with my recovery. I can’t fully swim yet, but I’m getting there and my confidence is coming back. The staff are really supportive and attending has helped both me and my family. The pool is an amazing resource.”
PCP’s Hydrotherapy Pool is now a 20 year old pool and unfortunately breaks down on a regular basis. The current pool supports more than 7000 people a year with recovery, pain relief and rehabilitation, without the need for a Doctors referral to the pool to help. Saturday’s event is the first of many planned this year which are designed to encourage people to take part and by doing so improve their own wellbeing, health and fitness.
Barry Knevitt, PCP board of Trustees Chair said, “Thank you everyone for taking part. Our campaign which aims to raise £410,000 is now just over half way, your help today will support those families across the north east like Simon’s that rely on this resource for recovery, rehabilitation and pain management. Your donations will support PCP to help more individuals by, increasing the size of the pool, improving lifting and hoist equipment and allow us to provide better equipped changing rooms. We are incredibly grateful for your support.”
If you are interested in organising your own fundraising event and would like a fundraising pack, please contact us at the Pioneering Care Centre, Carer’s Way, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 4SF tel: 01325 321234 email: enquiries@pcp.uk.net website: www.pcp.uk.net. Or follow PCP on Twitter: @PioneeringCare and Facebook: @PCPandCentre