Dear Editor,

I just want to encourage anyone who is struggling with money worries and in debt to contact “Life Line Community Action”.

We both work, but still for a long time struggled with money and mounting debt.

Our relationship was failing, due to the pressure which also affected our four children. A good friend told me that Life Line Community Action could help us.

I phoned them, and found there was no reason to be nervous and was put at ease straight away. They made an appointment to come and see us and we weren’t judged or looked down upon. These friendly, genuine people came in wanting to help and support us.

A heavy weight was lifted as they gave us hope for the future. They saw that we needed some extra help and gave us a box of food and household items which made such a difference.

They educated us to manage our money better and now we are in control of our finances. Also new friends have been made as they invited us to social events which were such fun and they truly care about us.

We believe in God so thank him for for them, for making the difference in our lives by helping us to make the right choices for a better future.

Camilla Shergold.

To contact Lifeline ring Mobile: 07936 431262.