Dear Sir,

Once again Cllr. J.D. Clare wants to be moderator of what is acceptable free speech. However, he only berates letter writers who support Brexit. He has twice written Articles in the Northern Echo in support of his fellow Labour/ Momentum Councillor who thinks that all leave voters are morons and should be gassed. Ladies, if you voted Brexit (and subsequently voted Labour) that includes you!

The current parliament is ‘not-fit-for-purpose’. It is a zombie parliament. Many MP’s, Phil Wilson included, have broken the promise they made to their electorate in their party manifesto. Also, a substantial number have left one Party and joined another (some more than once) thus disenfranchising their Leave voting constituents. It is a sham. It is diabolical. It is undemocratic. It is also extremely dangerous for the future proper governance of the country!

I think that any letter writer who supports Brexit and true democracy is better venting their spleen in letters to newspapers than taking part in puerile demonstrations and breaking the law in so doing (like the climate extinction anarchists). The current Parliament is not acting in accordance with the clear democratic mandate given by the people in the Referendum. The SNP only want to abide by the result of a Referendum if the result suits them. The Un-liberal Undemocratic Party want a 2nd Referendum but won’t implement a Leave vote! The Speaker, who is required by our Constitution to act without bias, is not so acting. The Judiciary are making up the law as they go along and ignoring the fact that under our equal rights legislation every vote has equal value and that the rich, who can fund vexatious Court Action are getting preferential treatment from the Courts. The Referendum was a democratic vote that must be fully respected by Britain properly leaving the E.U.

The only reason the current Government is surviving is because the Opposition do not dare to vote it out of office for fear that Corbyn would be the caretaker PM. Also, if they are seen to block Brexit, then they are rightly scared that they will not be re-elected. They don’t deserve to be.

There must be a General Election soon. Now is the time to tell your MP, prospective candidates and your local Party, that you will not vote for a candidate who is unwilling to fully back Brexit.

This is the only way to guarantee that we will get a Brexit Government and a majority in Parliament for Brexit.

Post-Referendum the Electoral Commission has demonstrated such a bias against Brexit that it has lost the confidence of the electorate that is able to conduct a fair and democratic second Referendum. Also, if our politicians say they will respect a second LEAVE vote who, but a moron, could believe them! Mr. Wilson, this is what your broken promises have done to our local democracy. You should live in hope, as I do, that outspoken correspondence is as bad as it gets!

Yours sincerely,

Alastair P.G. Welsh