Dear Sir,

I am the Caretaker at Byerley Park Primary School. One of my many jobs is to pick up the litter from around the school grounds.

In recent weeks, I have found there to be a rather irritating habit that has compelled me to bring it to the attention of the readers of the Newton News. Dog walkers are picking up their dog’s poo, which is great, however, they are now throwing the bags over the perimeter fence of the school. There is a dog disposal poo bin on the main road outside the school.

My main worry and concern is for our pupils at Byerley Park, as when they are playing on the school field, they shouldn’t have to play near or come into contact with the bags and their contents.

This is an absolutely disgusting habit which needs to stop immediately. The houses facing the school field may have CCTV and it would be very interesting to catch these people who are doing this. I would implore if this is you, please use the bins provided and not the school field?

Thank you

Steve Smith