Dear Sir

I would like to respond to Mrs Vera McCord’s letter, regarding the fairground at The Huntsman in Woodham.

I am a Woodham resident, whose property faces the shop/pub car park, within 75 yards. Yes, the fairground rides were in a residential area, but all the rides were closed for the night by 9pm at the very latest.

The music was not overly loud and no louder than some of the car radios booming music out or revving their engines much later (up to midnight) most weekends.

There was no more litter than the usual amount that is dropped in the car parks behind the takeaways. The fairground is not responsible for the minority of people who throw their rubbish away, illegally, every day.

I have lived in this property for 12 years and the fair has been every year that I can remember.

Having spoken to my neighbours, who like me, were surprised by the letter you published last week, a fellow neighbour has lived in the street for 20 years and said that she remembers the fair coming every year, although it used to be on the grassed area in front of the shops.

Mrs McCord’s last line was ‘she hopes it’s not going to be a regular event’. It is, and has been, a regular event for at least 2 decades.

Although nothing to do with the fair, a plastic bin outside the shops was set alight. When asking for the bin to be replaced, we are told it will not. When suggesting a concrete bin would not be destroyed by fire we are told there is no money to pay for one.

Sue Sinclair

Address supplied