Dear Sir,


Responding to residents’ concerns, I have twice emailed Highways Adoption with concerns about the new roundabout being built for the Persimmon development on Middridge Road.

Their reply is that: “the roundabout was designed as a compact roundabout to national design standards (DMRB CD116) and has single lane entries. The vehicle tracking plans demonstrate that a 16.5m articulated vehicle can safely negotiate the roundabout under these conditions. Any relaxation in standards may nullify these constraints and allow excessive vehicle entry speeds or drivers to attempt to enter the roundabout concurrently”.

These officers are experts in their field – although they, as much as we, are aware that sometimes things do not turn out in practice as they appeared on the plans. In this respect, they have assured me that there will be a Road Safety Audit after it is built, to check that it is working safely.

With *any* change to a familiar road layout there is a danger that people get ‘caught out’ and there are accidents until people get used to it. PLEASE, everyone be very careful as you negotiate this new roundabout, and it will do no harm for people’s safety if we all share how careful one has to be.


At this week’s GAMP meeting, members approved a scheme – funded by myself and my two councillor colleagues in response to residents’ concerns – to add road safety measures to the mini-roundabout at the top of Meadowfield Way, including rumble strips and an enhancement to the roundabout itself. This is a dangerous junction, so please be careful, especially as we make the changes to try to make it safer.


The GAMP meeting also approved a scheme – again, funded by myself and my two councillor colleagues, again as a response to residents’ complaints – to add a 7-car parking bay at the top of the northern entrance to Alston Crescent. This road is a bus route, and cars parked along the side of the road at this point cause congestion which, so close to the junction, is certainly inconvenient and could be dangerous.


I have contacted Planning Enforcement so many times regarding mud on the road at the Elder Gardens (Keepmoat) site that the officer and I are on first name terms. Keepmoat are sweeping the road three times a day, but the road remains a mess in times of inclement weather. Please, if you are dissatisfied with the condition of the road, phone DCC on 03000 260 000 and add your complaints to mine.

Cllr John D. Clare

(Aycliffe North & Middridge)