Why is our MP calling for people to fill in a questionnaire for Levelling Up Funds for the town centre?

Mr Wilson, our last MP, received funding. Shops and businesses were demolished at both ends plus those up the ramp and the toilets removed, this was also a regeneration grant in 2008.

Promises were made on how he was going to get the main stream shops to occupy the empty units and bring the town centre back to life.. But the promised influx of top named shops failed to materialise. I did a quick count of shops, 50 in total, 19 were vacant, varying in size: 31 occupied, of which a bank is leaving this month. Maybe the next to go will be the Halifax as it was omitted from the town centre model displayed in 2008.

The outdoor market was stopped, I heard it was to prevent the new paving being damaged by vehicles and carts during set up and take down. There were a lot of residents who complained about the closure.

The town centre was sold off many years ago to a private concern based in London. So why is more public money being squandered to possibly increase their profits?

Isn’t it their job to attract investment into their business?

If we had a retail park, that would be in direct competition with them, then maybe rents would be reduced and incentives would also be given to retain the shopkeepers. Is it true that there are plans afoot to build new housing which will increase the population by 20% – There are also lots of small areas on the periphery of Aycliffe being built on, besides the ones mentioned.

The town bus could incorporate the route for people without their own transport, like other towns have done to encourage shopping here.

It has to be said that the council can’t do anything that will adversely affect the traders, why is a private company being ring fenced and protected?

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