A year like this we’ve never known,

We’ve never been so much alone.

A year of loss, of heartache, pain,

For many, life won’t be the same.

A year like this we’ve never had,

It quickly went from good to bad.

A dreaded virus came to stay,

And refuses still, to go away.

A year like this has changed the world,

Normality has been unfurled.

With many people all alone,

As not through choice, they stay at home.

A year of new and menial tasks,

Like sanitising, wearing masks.

No hugs or kisses, shaking hands,

And cancelling of all our plans.

A Christmas like we’ve never known,

With people made to stay at home.

A minimum of Christmas cheer,

Then followed by a bleak new year.

Another lockdown, helped by those,

Who flaunt the rules and break the laws.

Refuse to help the situation,

To aid the damage limitation.

Unless we all do what we can,

Obey the rules, stick to the plan.

It’s looking like the outcome is –

We’ll have ANOTHER year like this.

Irene Wilkinson 2021