Dear Sir,

Having moved to Newton Aycliffe in 2008, I am regularly pleasantly surprised by the community spirit that this wonderful town has.

As recently as last week, one resident’s dog bolted, due to fireworks going off. Hearing about this on social media my wife and I went out for a walk in the area where the dog was last seen. On a very cold evening, whilst respecting the lockdown restrictions, what a pleasant surprise it was to see so many other people out for the same reason, shouting the dog’s name, I think this is just one example of the many reasons I consider myself an adopted Newtonian! It was pleasing to hear the dog was returned safely the following morning.

I think everyone will agree the town needs more investment in the town centre and more amenities, but there are many reasons to be positive, the revitalised Big Club, Moore Lane Sports Club (let’s hope we get back there soon), not forgetting the reliability of Tesco and Aldi through what has been a tough year for everyone.

But what price community spirit that Newton Aycliffe has? Priceless! Remembrance Day is always so well attended by all ages, it was a shame everyone couldn’t be there this year, but rest assured everyone will be back next year.

Well done to everyone for getting their Christmas trees and lights up, let’s all have a long, fantastic Christmas 2020. Reasons to be positive for 2021 – great resilience and community spirit.

Adopted Newtonian

Name and address supplied