Dear Sir,

Covid-19 is a very real disease with very serious consequences, be they permanent mobility problems, vascular issues or death. The CDC, WHO and the British Medical Journal agree that Covid-19 exists and is a threat to a huge number of people. Every person who gets the disease can die from it, or from complications from the symptoms. And if they do survive, there have been numerous cases of people being paralyzed, losing sense and suffering permanent cardiovascular issues.

People like Councillor Hewitson – who claim they speak the truth when they are ignoring the evidence – who is using her position as a councillor to further her own reckless agenda, or a previous writer who claimed zinc supplements could keep him healthy, are endangering every one of us. Only by taking the proper precautions and actually respecting the gravity of the situation where our current Government will not, can we overcome this disease. Wearing a mask when you go to the shops is crucial, because every person working at the shop does not have a say in whether they go to work or not – they are putting themselves at risk every day for people to then turn around and demonstrate that they don’t care about their safety or well-being.

On this point, I would ask that those concerned for their grandchildren or grandparents, think in these times of hardship how much worse it would be if in your “one little visit” you passed the disease to them or someone like them nearby who then died. It is easier to miss a family member when you know that you can see them again after all of this is over, trust me.

We have to work as a community, like the Britain of the 1940s. When we went into a blackout, you didn’t keep your curtains open because “you hadn’t seen any planes”, no, you closed your curtains and entered a shelter to protect yourself, your loved ones and those around you. And frankly, I would not want a Councillor who would knowingly endanger their neighbours just to have a look out the window.

A. Kenelm

Ed: The above letter covers a topical, current debate, and the Newton News has followed its long-established practice of allowing both sides to be heard and present their opinion.

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