Dear Sir,

In last week’s Newton News an appeal was made for laptops and tablets for our young learners stuck at home, I am pleased that this was an initiative from a local Labour Councillor and received the full support of members of the Sedgefield Constituency Labour Party.

I am sure that there are lots of laptops no longer used in the community, and I would urge people to search in cupboards for those unused items. I found three that I had kept, following upgrades. So, if you have any please contact your Labour Councillor – Congratulations to Cllr. Jed Hillary, for the dedication on collecting these goods.

Vince Crosby

ED: Vane Road school received 20 pieces of IT equipment this week, another 15 are ready to go, plus some other items which require upgrading or updating. If you have an old laptop or tablet which can be used by a Newton Aycliffe student, please contact Cllr Jed Hillary on 07552 758148 or email to arrange collection.