Lib Dem candidate Michael Stead won a stunning victory in the Woodham By-election for the Town Council Last Thursday.


Brandon Fleet

LABOUR – 116

Michael Stead

LIB DEM – 892

Clive Taylor-Sholl

IND – 112

Turnout 22.89%

Michael Stead ran a very effective campaign. He won a stunning 79% of all the votes cast, in what was a previously Labour held seat. This win will send shockwaves through Labour with full County and Town Council elections due in May next year. More importantly there is likely to be a By-election in May this year for the County Council seat that Paul Howell MP is going to vacate.

Michael Stead is likely to stand in that and looks odds on favourite to win it.

Cllr Arun Chandran, Independent, said “Michael is to be congratulated on his very decisive win, as a Lib Dem Councillor he will bring further diverse views to the Council. I think one party dominance may be coming to an end.”