Dear Sir,

This petition is to enable the deaf community to be heard and not to feel isolated. As my close friends may already know my Mam, Brenda Roberta Johnson, has had a horrendous time from 22nd August to 3rd December 2020, when she sadly passed away.

Within this time she had multiple hospital admissions where communication was a barrier. No hospital staff, excluding one doctor, were able to communicate in BSL (British Sign Language), to put her at ease and to allow my Mam to know what was happening to her. Darlington hospital allowed myself and my family to be by her bedside 24 hours a day to ensure communication needs were met.

Following discharge from hospital my Mam had to go into a care home where, again, no one could communicate to her, she deteriorated greatly within days, which resulted in us caring for her at home.

We are asking for this petition to be signed, we believe all medical and care staff should be trained in basic BSL. The wider deaf community need to be heard. When we reach 10,000 signatures, it will go to government and with 100,000 the government will debate it.

It takes two minutes of your time, but it will make an impact on the deaf community within the UK.

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Photo of Brenda Roberta Johnson