About Midway:

Midway was written during the last six months of my father, Henry Ballantyne’s life. Driving back and forth between hospitals, I distracted myself by thinking about stories I planned to write. Sitting in waiting rooms, cafes, service stations etc., I began to make notes on my phone. Midway was the result, a set of stories where I began to wonder why I was writing stories in the first place. The book is the answer to the question.

More than that, Midway was my way of dealing with those events. This book is for those who have been there . . .


Stories about stories and storytelling. Written on the road between the past and the future, a writer explores his relationship with his dying father. Literature, fantasy and science fiction come together in this unique and very personal piece.

About the Author:

Tony Ballantyne is the author of the acclaimed Penrose hard SF novels, Twisted Metal and Blood and Iron, as well as the ground breaking and surreal fantasy novels Dream London and Dream Paris.


“Sharp, touching, and very original, this collection uses stories of different genres to explore aspects of the same emotional landscape, creating a very personal and very satisfying whole.”

Chris Beckett, winner of the Arthur C Clarke Award.