Dear Sir,
Following your article in last weeks Newton News, we are the elderly couple mentioned. I always thought that I was pretty astute and nothing like this would happen to us. I searched the web and found the tradesman to do our garden through a site recommending professionals and therefore felt that I was safe. The work was started quickly and a lot of effort put in to digging out the garden ready for the base. At that point we were asked to pay up front for the materials and the rest is history – no response to emails or phone calls since. We even got an email telling us that they couldn’t get the materials which coincided with the hold ups because of the shortage of HGV drivers.
Believe me, this was all very clever and we are so very grateful to our friend next door who alerted her boyfriend’s Dad who consequently took control and has now almost completed the job.
A huge thank you to all who responded to his request for materials and especially to him for doing the work.
Name & address supplied