Dear Sir,

I saw in a recent edition that our MP had his first shopping experience in Tesco’s. When you want people to attend, don’t you promote and advertise it well to gain full and varied opinions and points of view from a maximum cross section of constituents? At the same time, was he informed of what Tesco are planning on the upper level of the store and is it not subletting? Does this mean our 13 empty shops will remain vacant, when Mr. Wilson said they would attract high street stores, into our new town centre?  But then Tesco has been known to donates a sizable, financial contribution to the Labour Party (allegedly). On top of this there is no light at the end of the tunnel for a Retail Park in Aycliffe. How long will the London owned town centre be protected from outside open and fair competition? As for his main concern, Brexit, Phil Wilson wanted us to stay in the EU.

Don’t remoaners tell us we didn’t understand what we were voting for? I can’t wait for the sequel “LaLa Land 2, – A Day in the House of Commons”. Then we have a new thing called fake news. A Labour leaflet for James Atkinson and Sarah Iveson put through our door  made interesting observations. All schools in Aycliffe had help from the council, but are they not controlled by the County Council? Councillors supported improvement in the Neville Parade Community Centre, but was this for the centre or for improvements to The Cubby which transferred there? There was an interesting piece of information, that they greatly improved parking along Gilpin Road. Can the councillor who lives in that area put her hand up? Bollards have also been erected to stop vehicles parking on grassed areas on St, Cuthbert’s Way.

That same councillor, should look around her own ward, where houses have been built and garages removed. The grass along the roadside is being ruined by tyre tracks. Bungalows in the Clarence Green area are being left empty on purpose to fall into dilapidation by Livin. In the same area, there is other land available for a Livin building venture – a number of allotments – which might be under threat. Why are all the new infill builds in the old end of town? There is never planning applications for housing association accommodation in the Woodham area.

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