It’s Not Fair!

Dear Sir

Could please tell me why we have a fair in the town centre when they will not allow a market where every one would benefit week in and week out?

I will not be the only one complaining about this and can only think they must be getting one hell of a lump sum.

If they can do this then I think we should have the market back in the town. I have been on the town since 1959 and have seen it go from bad to worse and I am very disappointed the way things are going.

Mr G B Nichol


Fair Enjoyed

Dear Sir,

As a former resident of Newton Aycliffe, I called in to see some friends last week and was amazed to see such a great event going on all around the town.

The size of the funfair was unbelievable and really did our town proud and both my own and my friend’s kids spent the whole day there and had a great time.

Who ever organised this deserves a real pat on the back and I wish they were here in Bishop Auckland!

Martin Williams


Fairground on Car Park Unfair to Surgery

Dear Sir,

What a fantastic idea to keep the kids amused at half term. I looked forward to seeing lots of amusements back in Newton Aycliffe.

I remember as a child a fairground came to the Horndale area every year. The sounds and sights of everyone having fun and the smells that wafted all around the area were delicious. I don’t know what I was expecting from this organised fair planned in half term, but was very impressed with the amount of attractions that were there.

As I walked past the Bewick Crescent car park, the reminiscence of smells came flooding back and I was in my childhood again.

Unfortunately, I am unsure whether I agree where the fair is being held for a number of reasons. Taking the car park off a busy doctor’s surgery, albeit for a short time, was not the best idea. Yes, people can use other car parks in the town free of charge, but the reason they park in the surgery car park is to visit the surgery and it won’t be because they are so full of health that they can hop skip and jump all of the way from the multi storey!

Doctors also need the parking space for emergency call- outs. Ill people have barely managed to get to the car, never mind the surgery and the closest car park (outside Library entrance) was taken up with more attractions. I only hope no-one arranged a funeral at St Clare’s on these days!

The town centre looked lively and full when I walked through it, which was a welcome sight to see, yet we aren’t allowed a weekly market due to the effect on the new paving slabs that took forever to lay.

Now that the powers that be, can see huge fairground rides all over their nice new town centre floor, perhaps a market could be reconsidered? I know many Newtonians would welcome it even if it was once a month. I personally would like to see a Christmas market, or Food market being welcomed for a few days.

Now that we can see what attracts folk to our town and the community spirit that it brings, how about making more of the town centre space and bringing a little more of what we want. The fair is very welcome to return, but let’s think of a better place to put it.

Glyn Stevens, Emerson Way