IN PHOTO: Yvonne Beynon (left) and Baby Basics Manager Sheena Stephenson

Lifeline Community Action operate a very successful project aimed at easing the pressure on families under extreme financial pressure who are having or have had a new baby and struggling to afford the basic necessities needed to take care of a their new arrival.
Having a baby can be expensive but when you find yourself unexpectedly in a situation where your income has dropped significantly, then suddenly you find that you just can’t pay all the bills and put food on the table. When a mum-to-be is faced with the fact there are a number of things she needs to take into hospital for herself and for the baby. As well as the essentials she will need to take care of the little one at home without the resources to pay for them, the pressure and stress on her is quite considerable. Baby Basics which operates from cramped premises at the Western Area Community Centre at Silverdale Place was set up to ease this stress. It provides support to those who need it with Baby Basic packages which are made up to suit the individual need. Baby Basics is managed by volunteer Sheena Stephenson and helped by hard working volunteer Yvonne Beynon. Livin have very kindly stepped in and awarded the chairty £8,500 to help fund this very important project and will refer Livin Tenants to Baby Basics who they identify may need help.
Sheen Stephenson the Project Manager said “the support from Livin is a fantastic and we at Lifeline are extremely grateful for their support”.
Baby Basics can be contacted by telephoning Sheena Stephenson on 07594297462