Peter Lewis Davies

Labour scored a resounding victory in last week’s By Election in the West Ward for the Town Council vacant seat.
Labour’s Peter Lewis Davies won and increased his vote by 68 on his last attempt to serve on the Town Council.
Sarah Clough the Independent candidate received 196 votes which was 27% of the vote.
Peter Lewis Davies Labour share was 336 votes – 47%.
Paul Symons the UKIP candidate received 188 votes – 26%
The turnout was 17.23% the highest in any By Election for decades.
Postal Votes numbered 474, more than half the total votes cast and this questions again the number of Polling Stations and the number of staff in attendance.
Is there any need for five Polling Stations including the disruption of two schools? Very few people used the school premises to cast their vote anyway and do we really need four people in a large hall to check the voting?