Dear Sir,
After a blistering performance in the Council Chamber, by a great turn-out of Aycliffe devotees, objectors and campaigners, I was excited to read the Waste Incinerator Rejection story in the Newton News last week. My initial excitement, however, was deflated by the thumbnail picture at the head of the story.
None of the headline speakers were featured in the line-up. For some reason the unidentified author of the piece then went on to insult readers by making up a story leaving out all that was interesting and heaping most of the credit on the extras and wilfully missing out the storm troopers.
Where was the news about the heroic East Ward Councillor speech, the detailed Council Officers heroic speech, the dedicated heroic public speakers, the studious residents objection contributions? These were the stories with the passion and information chiselled from hours of endless document scrutiny. These were the contributions so difficult to refute and rightly worthy of accreditation. No wonder the author shrinks from a signature.
Having dealt with many planning applications myself, I can state categorically this plan would have sailed through had it not been for all of the contributions made by the public. This Waste Incinerator was scheduled to be built in my ward and I was proud to be part of the residents’ success in defeating the project. Local party issues were cast aside for the good of the fight and everyone deserves the credit.
Well done.
Cllr Jim Atkinson