Dear Editor,
I feel I must respond to Mr Rhodes comments regarding the Town Clock.
The clock at the top of Churchill House has been chiming for many years and has nothing to do with the Thames Centre.
The Clock is an institution and, I respectfully suggest that Mr Rhodes moves back to where he came from – he is obviously not a Newtonian!
Val Halton

Dear Sir,
Tell Darren Rhodes to get lost, we have heard the chimes in Aycliffe for 30 years. It’s part of the town’s atmosphere and, day or night, we love ‘em.
Ann Teasdale

Dear Sir,
I am writing with reference to the article in last week’s Newton News about the town clock.
I also live within half a mile of the clock and worked on the clock when it was being built. It has been there many many years and still in good condition.
Churchill House is one of the only original buildings left. I contacted our local MP Phil Wilson regarding this with the view of retaining it when this end of the town centre is demolished.
In my experieince no one has ever complained about the clock chiming till this letter appeared and the answer is easy…..Do not move the town clock, move yourself! I am fairly sure you knew about the clock when you moved here.
J W Smurthwaite