Dear Reader,
Firstly, may I offer my congratulations to the other three nominees for the Syd Howarth Community Service Award presented last week. Sharon Franklin from Clear & Care in the Community, Alison Firby from Play Cafe, and Jean Rutter from the Newton Aycliffe Scout Association – all very worthy winners along with myself.
To say I was ‘gob smacked’ would be an under estimation, I was asked to come along to have a photo taken, along with Helen McCormack (my daughter), who should be given ‘the straight face of deception’ award – only joking Helen.
To see these Howarth ‘boys’ as this is how I have always known them from a very young age, presenting this award in memory of their beloved Dad, Syd, was very emotional for me.
After Syd’s death, these three men, have taken on the ‘mantle’ from their dad, and I know he would be so proud of them seeing the success they have made of running Newton Press. Those of you reading this, who knew and loved Syd, will no doubt agree with me in writing this. Paul, Stuart and Christopher are three very experienced ‘Lads’ who serve this town and surrounding areas with great skill and enthusiasm. Their willingness to go above and beyond whatever is asked of them is truly exceptional. My thanks to them and their lovely families in awarding this prestigious award to the four candidates, whose names were put forward by our towns residents, is very humbling and gracious.
‘The Press Gang’ do an amazing amount of work within this town, maybe many of you do not realise how much. From not just printing our beloved town magazine every week, but by printing all kinds of service sheets for many occasions, baptism and wedding invitations, and funeral service booklets, along with many Service booklets for The Town Council Remembrance Services every year.
They can provide any form of print requirement. I can only advise you to go to Newton Press first, before any other printing firm, as you will get a really good and speedy service.
Now I have really put myself out in singing their praises, I will remind them that Christmas is coming and I do love Ferrero Rocher chocolates (haha).
Well, all has been said good people, but thanks for taking the time in reading this letter, and never forget, you are serving YOUR town and its people by going to Newton News for all your Christmas messages of goodwill, why pay an enormous amount on postage stamps when Newton News will print any kind of message (within reason) for a very small sum, compared to some.
To Paul, Stuart and Christopher, and their lovely families, I wish a very early Happy Christmas and may God always look down on you in everything you do for the good of this town and its people.
Many blessings to you all.
Pam Lovelass xx