There has been a lot of activity around here over the last week. Tara and I have admitted three and released two which are both expectant mums either out looking for food or nesting material. These beautiful animals have far too much to contend with in the wild, and undeserved, for example, attacks from dogs, abuse from humans, ponds, cars, netting and other predators like crows, magpies and, to make things worse, food is very difficult to find due to the awfully dry weather, when this happens, hedgehogs starve and they suffer from organ failure, very little can be done by the time we get them, so time is very much of the essence. We have the support of an excellent vet, not too far from here, who help us carry essential ingredients which can revive severely dehydrated and malnourished hedgehogs, but only if we get them in time. Please leave some water out in your gardens, they desperately need this help.
Can we take this opportunity to thank June and Valerie, for knitting lovely animals, Carrie, Trevor, Sue and Ann for their donations of either bric a brac or monetary donations, and Sonia, for food. We are very fortunate to have lots of support from Sore Paws and our readers who without them our beautiful hedgehogs would have been extinct years ago, please help us to help them.
We have still got quite a lot here that aren’t ready for release yet, mum and her hoglets have been named with the help of Lorraine, Mum is called Rosie, her babies are called Spike, Buttercup, Thistle and Clover, Mum and Babies all doing well and getting bigger, as you can see in the photo.
Tip of The Week: There is plenty of help and advice for everyone, Hedgehog Street, The People’s Trust for Endangered Species, The British Hedgehog Preservation Society, are there on 01584 890801 or email – ourselves on Facebook Prickly Haven Hedgehog Hotel or our e-mail
Maxine,Tara and Tyra