Dear Sir,
Our MP, Paul Howell, will shortly have to face some difficult choices over Boris Johnson’s future.
On the one hand he can support his beleaguered PM, but this is tantamount to saying that Boris Johnson’s apparent repeated lying, contempt for Parliament and the Law, and blatant corruption, are acceptable behaviour in anyone, let alone in the country’s leader.
On the other hand he can oppose the current PM, but then whom does he support as the next Conservative leader and PM, particularly as all the likely candidates will almost certainly abandon ‘Levelling-up’, which is probably Paul’s only realistic chance of re-election? Moreover, given that we are still in the middle of the ‘Omicron’ pandemic, and are facing large cost of living increases, when should this change be made?
Frankly, I don’t envy his choices, but it will be interesting to see how he “stands up for Sedgefield” when he finally decides which way he is going to jump off the fence!
Alan Jordan