Our lives have been put on pause,

And everyone does know the cause.

We’ve tidied cupboards,

Painted walls,

And made endless video calls.

Baked chocolate brownies,

and banana bread.

Are we now too well fed?

Is your zip a struggle to close?

Can you still touch your toes?

We know wearing lipstick is a task

when donning our face masks,

So we concentrate on ‘smokey eyes,’

Let them twinkle, that gets us by!

Wrap up warm in the snow,

When for your daily walk you go.

Wear some boots with a good grip,

Please make sure you don’t slip.

Dig out the sledge and let the kids play,

But make sure that they still stay,

At Social Distance from each other,

Or they may get into bother!

Have a special dinner one night each week,

Dress up, give your loved ones a treat,

It may just be a pizza dinner,

But make it special. It’ll be a winner.

Be kind to each other and to yourself,

I know normal life has been put on the shelf.

But soon this will all be a memory,

We shall overcome and soon be set free!

MMK February 2021