Dear Sir

I feel I must protest through your paper about the people who have wood burning stoves and they are burning old pallets and fences as fuel, or as kindling to set the fires away.

Having done my research into the burning of these types of wood I find most will have been painted with a preservative or insecticide at some point during use.

The burning of the wood creates a more potent and bad air quality to the surrounding area giving off deadly poisonous minute particles which are potentially very serious to asthmatic and people who have COPD.

I have lived in Newton Aycliffe now for 43 years choosing this town to bring up my family as the town was a designated Smoke Free area. Has this now changed? Meaning anyone can burn whatever they want to the detrimental health of small children, older and infirm people and anyone who may have breathing problems.

Myself and my son live within yards of some contamination and find it seeping in through vents and I am at times unable to open the doors or window to provide ventilation as it is so bad. I may have to consider moving from a much loved home if this problem continues.

A. Dunn