Dear Sir,
I’d like to thank a lot of people, mostly from the Chase, Byerley Park and Greenfield areas for the tremendous help and encouragement given to me while I’ve been renovating and clearing the public footpath area behind Zetland Hunt which had become almost impassable due to 8 foot high nettles, trees growing horizontally across the area as well as out of control brambles.
I’ve also removed a lot of ‘deadwood’ from the trees which was a nasty accident waiting to happen.
Because of the run down look of the area it had attracted fly tippers to the area which attracted in turn an infestation of rats which, after the clear up, now seems to have disappeared).
Thanks also to staff at County Hall who (despite being limited by financial constraints) did send a chap to offer advice and also arranged to remove quite a pile of wood and other waste.
The ‘icing on the cake’ has been a huge increase in the use of the area by school children, dog walkers and local folk just  enjoying a stroll. The ‘community’ effect has been excellent and I must have made 30 plus new acquaintances.
Anyway, put on your boots and a collar and lead on the dog then have a stroll.

footpathWideShot footpath cleared