Again, the Newton News brings hot off the press information to its readers. A treat for yourself or perhaps a Christmas gift. Newton Aycliffe has many talented people and fundraisers. As you know, we regularly feature stories and letters about them. This article is about ‘Stranger on the Shore’ a new book by local author Leon Franklin. Profits from the sale of this book are going to ‘Friends of St. Clare’s’.
Here is just a short extract from a five star review it has received.
This is the first real life book I have held and read in a number of years. The book flowed well and we got to learn more aspects of the characters as we moved through the pages. Talking of pages – they seemed to just turn themselves as I got so engrossed in the storyline, almost missing my tram stop in the process. I could tell that a lot of research had taken place to make the storyline more authentic and accurate, and the descriptions were perfect for my imagination as I could ‘see’ places mentioned.
Review on Amazon by Jax.
“Introduction to Stranger on the Shore . . . This novel is a story of love, intimacy, deceit and intrigue, set in the sixties. As a treat for yourself or perhaps a Christmas Gift you can buy the book online. To save you the postage you can also obtain it at one of our local shops. More information on where to buy it can be found at the end of this article.
Seeing a stranger on the shore is normal. Actually stopping to speak to a stranger on the shore is a little unusual. When that stranger leads Neil into emotional turmoil and threatens his very being; that is very, very strange indeed.”
TO BUY IT LOCALLY (and save postage costs) VISIT:
Petals Florists, 4 Thames Centre, Sun Inn & Sew Inn, Simpasture Gate.
John’s Mini Market, Neville Parade. If you cannot get out of the house follow these instructions.
HOW TO ORDER (Profits to Friends of St. Clare’s)
Type into your browser ‘Amazon UK’
Click on ‘Amazon UK Official Site’
Click the ‘All’ drop-down box (to the left of search bar) Click ‘Books’ from the list.
Type into the search box ‘ISBN: 9798514470303’
Click on ‘Stranger on the Shore’, as pictured.