Newton News have received numerous comments about the new wall at the back of the Aldi Store which prevents pedestrians access to the town centre from the multi-storey car park.

“To brick up that entrance is ludicrous” says one reader. “This is the path we took from the Library and the Car Park and there is no reason to  block this entrance” says another.

“I was looking forward to this entrance being opened again to give me access to the Bank, Greggs and other shops down that end of Beveridge Way”.

We contacted Town Centre Manager Bryan Haldane who said: “As Centre Manager at Newton Aycliffe I am aware of concerns raised regarding the wall at the end of the Aldi store, put in place to provide a safety barrier to the loading bay.

The owners have agreed that we can look again at this provided all health and safety issues can be met. To that end we are currently looking again at the area and provided we can overcome these issues we hope to put forward a proposal for removing the wall and provide a safe walkway to the Multi Storey Car Park.

But, please be aware that this may not be possible and the wall may have to stay in place.”