Fifty three Year 6 pupils at Stephenson Way Academy and Nursery School celebrated the Shakespearian tale of Macbeth this week as they performed their very own version for their peers.
Their fantastic performance came at the end of a day-long workshop during which they were challenged to produce and perform a play in a day. Working alongside Bigfoot Arts Education to decipher and understand the world famous play by William Shakespeare, they then created their own production inspired by the original Old English tale.
This ambitious project used simple props to great effect, creating backdrops, scenery and characters that brought their performance to life for their audience. Assistant Headteacher Mr Stephenson said, “We knew our pupils would be enthusiastic about this project but we were blown away by the quality of their performance in such a short space of time. Getting to grips with this challenging text, the children excelled themselves at every turn.”
Pupils and staff would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to Rachel from Bigfoot for this wonderful opportunity.