AKA a second referendum

We already had a peoples’ vote in 2016, and there were two binary choices on the ballot paper, either Remain or Leave the European Union, in all its entirety in both cases. 17.4m people knew precisely what they were voting for. Leave meant leaving the Single Market, Customs Union and Jurisdiction from the European Court Justice and taking back control of our borders. Indeed both campaigns made it perfectly clear to the electorate that this would happen. Yet Mr Phil Wilson MP continually uses the “they didn’t know what they were voting for” rhetoric to push for a second referendum and this is indeed not what his loyal voters voted for.
What we have had now, since Leave won, has been a Remain rear-guard action either to stop Brexit or delay our departure from the EU. Mr Wilson is campaigning for a ‘Peoples Vote’ or a referendum on the ‘final deal’. There was nothing on the ballot paper regarding a vote on the final deal as no-one could predict the outcome of the referendum.
During Mr Corbyn’s interview with German magazine Der Spiegel he was astute enough to say that ‘We Can’t Stop Brexit’. If only Mr Phil Wilson will come to the same conclusion as his party leader and start carrying out the wishes of the Leave voters in his constituency.
John Grant (UKIP)