Feeling overwhelmed, because of all the support I have been lucky to get for these beautiful little mammals. My thanks go to Lizzie, Linda, Julia, Margaret, Elaine and Lorraine, June and Val.
To be quite honest, I don’t envy these poor little souls because whatever time of year we are in they always have something to threaten their existence. They have to be the right size to hibernate successfully or they die in their sleep, they are awakened by garden tools and machinery, construction sites, traffic, etc, the list is endless.
What I need everyone to do is give them a chance, check your garden before using power tools, strimmers etc, letting your dog out and, if necessary, put your dog on a lead even in his own garden. All hedgie wants to do is eat and when they come out of hibernation they are very hungry indeed, just give him a chance to eat and he will leave. It’s not much to ask.
Finally, caring motorists, when a hedgehog is scared they ball up, they don’t run, they need time to cross the road, please pull over and wait for him to move out of the way, see my Facebook page for more info.
It’s far too cold to be releasing, spring hasn’t sprung as yet, but I am glad to be here for these lovelies, they are all hanging on in there, Holly, who was found by Joan, is so endearing, she purrs when she interacts with us all here. Buster is ok, 900g+ there are a couple that like to wander around the house, this is fine and yes I keep my eye on them and my home is clean, also I have eleven cages occupied, during the day, I have to place them in the utility room carefully otherwise getting out of the back door is difficult. I am grateful to Trev, Liam and Christopher for their patience with me, rehabbing is a very difficult thing to do whatever number you have in rescue. Grange Vets are also a wonderful group of people and their support is invaluable.
Pictured are Chandler and Billy, Chandler was found by lovely Lorraine Elliott being to small to get through winter, Billy’s finder has never been in touch, he has a lovely nature for a 1200g hoggie. The colour coding is so I can tell which one is which and they wash off too.
The British Hedgehog Preservation Society number is 01584 890801. My Facebook page is: Prickly Haven Hedgehog Hotel, Email: pricklyhaven@yahoo.com