With firework night approaching I appeal to everyone to make sure that you don’t have a hibernating Hedgehog near anything that can cause them harm, like a bonfire pile, they will consider it home, us rehabbers have seen many images of injured hedgehogs and it’s not nice at all, these beauties are protected under the law, please abide by these rules.
Most rescues are over capacity and I am no exception but we are all pulling together to make sure that they all get the help they need and deserve, we all have lots of babies and juveniles that can’t be released, I have a few that have got to a decent weight for release but I think that it’s too cold and wet, also firework night stops me from releasing, they were all babies / juveniles when they came in.
The great news is that all of my babies, Buster, Lucky and Reggie, have grown up so nicely they don’t need the incubator any longer, Buster in particular is enjoying a lovely new home with his sibling Reggie. Also, I admitted a beautiful little girl last Saturday from Darlington, it turns out that she is a sibling of two others I have here, she is too small to be alone a mere 200 grams. The finder has called her Blossom, she is doing very well.
Finally a massive thank you to Josslyn who visited me last Thursday, she also had to nurse a baby hedgehog, she made some beautiful key rings and made a massive £112 for our babies, thank you mum Laura for being such a great source of encouragement. I have some key rings left but bought one myself cos they are beautifully done.
Grange Vets have a selection of books for a small donation, all proceeds come to this rescue, so thank you Elaine, Angela and all the Vets for doing this for me, everyone’s help is appreciated.
Also, June and Valerie for being so full of busy crafting to help me feed and care for these lovely cute animals, it will be a tough winter having so many here but they are worth every bit of my time. Every rehabber is in the same situation, we do this because we love them and need them to be ok.
Myself and Sandra of Darlington Rescue will be at the Methodist Church Fair on the 18th November and I will be at Tesco the following Friday, I think it’s the 24th. Please come and say Hi.
Here is a useful website if you find a Hedgehog out during the day, whatever it’s size: helpwildlife.co.uk
The British Hedgehog Preservation Society Telephone: 01584 890801
My Facebook page is: Prickly Haven Hedgehog Hotel
Email: pricklyhaven@yahoo.co.uk