In 2015 I received, from my fellow Councillors, the award of Honorary Freeman of the Parish of Great Aycliffe. I was proud to receive this award as I am the only living Freeman of the township. I was awarded this for outstanding work and achievements on behalf of the people of Great Aycliffe.

I realise that such achievements were only possible with the support of fellow Councillors, past and present, but, most of all, those employees of the Council who are in plain sight, but often unrecognised.

The clerical and finance staff at the Council Offices, the staff in the Recreation, Environment and Horticultural departments, and those wonderful ladies in the Pre-School.

These are the people who make Aycliffe such a good place to work, live and bring up our children in a safe and beautiful environment.

Last, but not least, you the voters who placed your trust in me in the ballot box on many occasions.

God bless you all and keep you safe.

Bob Fleming
Freeman and Councillor