Dear Sir,

I would like to welcome your readers to ‘Unlimited’ – a new group which organises friendly events for those with Autism, Learning Disabilities and Additional Needs.

This group has been created to give children, teenagers and young adults, with any form of additional need, the opportunity to experience new and exciting events.

I have over eight years of experience working with, and supporting, young adults with learning difficulties, autism and additional needs, I understand that there aren’t enough opportunities for them to take part in, and experience certain types of events within the local area.

Our goal at Unlimited is to change that, and organise events and activities which may otherwise be difficult to access due to a range of barriers.

These events include party nights, karaoke evenings, sporting clubs/events, fitness sessions and dance classes, to name a few. We aim to be fully inclusive and make the necessary adjustments, taking into consideration individual needs and/or requirements of those attending the events.

Not only will these events be great for the social interaction and forming new relationships, but we have an holistic approach and hope to promote physical activity and mental well-being in addition to the social aspect.

Check out our Facebook page “Unlimited Darlington” for more details.

Luke Scarr

Unlimited Darlington