Local partners Supportive (www.supportive.co.uk) and Great Aycliffe Town Council worked together recently with author and education consultant, Catherine Lenahan, to gift books and work with Year 3 children and staff of Stephenson Way Academy & Nursery School.

The children had an online question and answer session with Great Aycliffe Town Council’s, Steve Cooper, to talk about local eco-issues linked to the West Ward Lakes and then heard from Catherine about her new eco super-hero comics, which will be gifted to the class after the Easter holidays.

To end the day, the children went on a book treasure hunt, before working together as a class to distribute the gifted books to all year groups throughout the school.

Following the event, Catherine commented that “Local partners working with local children to promote a love of learning and reading made this event great fun and a huge success. I can’t wait to meet the children in person when restrictions allow”.